The commonly accepted definition of “proprietary”, related to products, is something that is used, produced, or marketed under exclusive legal rights of the manufacturer.

Stealth Optimum Security sells only non-proprietary alarm equipment that can be purchased, serviced or monitored by “any” qualified integrator or contractor giving the owner choice of service providers. Most all security alarm equipment on the market is non-proprietary – which is a good thing when it comes time to change service providers.

Don’t Be Limited

Proprietary alarm dealerships are designed to eliminate choices by providing support, service and equipment to exclusive area dealers only. Unlike non- proprietary equipment, parts and support are not accessible to qualified security companies not under their agreement. This works well for the factory and dealers, not so much for the customer. Even if you own the system, changing providers usually requires purchasing a new system.

DMP, Simplex and EST are a few examples of proprietary alarm system manufacturers. Ask for non-proprietary equipment.