Serving Polk, Burnett, and Saint Croix counties, trust Stealth Optimum Security to secure your Wisconsin business with access control and card systems. We’ll help you choose the professional security setup that best fits your needs and your budget. Our experienced team will then install your new system for you. Don’t wait. Protect what’s important to you, today. Here are just some of the options available to keep your business safe:

  • Card Access Systems
  • Keypad Systems
  • Magnetic Entry Systems
  • Smart Device Entry
  • Fingerprint Scanners

Keys Aren’t Always Enough

As long as there have been physical locks and keys guarding precious things, people have found ways to get past them. Modern technology provides so many ways to increase personnel security, from adding layers and redundancies to replacing physical keys with cards, numerical combinations, and biometric scanners. Key access is not obsolete, but it’s well worth your time to explore other options.

Types Of Access Control Systems

Commercial-grade systems are made up of a variety of components, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Keypad systems are a classic choice for small businesses. Card access systems are a popular choice that’s easy to use and just as easy to manage. You don’t even have to get the card back to relinquish a users access.

Along the same lines, smart device entry allows you and your employees to enjoy the convenience of unlocking doors with just your mobile device. Magnetic entry systems are also easy to operate and very durable. Fingerprint scanners are a highly personalized, biometric, high-tech solution for your higher security areas.

Security Access Options That Fit

Just because you have a wide variety of options to choose from, doesn’t mean that all of them are the best fit for your business’s specific security needs. Fingerprint access is more secure but also more expensive. Magnetic locks are durable but require a constant power supply. Our expert staff will help you determine which type of access control system will work best for your business.

Customizing Who Gets Access

Our card systems and other types of access control put the power to secure specific areas of your business back into your hands. You want to keep unauthorized people out, of course, but which specific areas do you want to protect? The front door to your office building, a parking garage, and a server room are all likely candidates.

We can help you control the level of security each area should have, and even track when employees, visitors, and vendors enter and exit. You choose the size of the system. We help you design the ideal plan and put everything into place.

Your Wisconsin Access System Experts

We are a local, family owned and operated company. Since 2002, we have provided our customers with quality, reliable service. Our catalog of products was chosen to give you the most advanced technology for the best price with no gimmicks and no deceptions. If you are located anywhere within Polk, Burnett, and Saint Croix counties in Wisconsin, don’t leave your business vulnerable.

Contact us today to get started with the best access control systems, for your business.