At Stealth Optimum Security, we work hard to make sure that your home and business are protected with professional security monitoring in Polk County, Burnett County, and Saint Croix County, Wisconsin. We offer a variety of surveillance systems to protect what’s important to you. Our professional team will install a high-quality security monitoring system that will make sure there is always an eye on your property.

Security For Your Home Or Business

We offer professional alarm monitoring services that include both home monitoring and business alarm monitoring. Get the peace of mind with alarm system monitoring 24-hours a day, seven days a week. We even give you the option of convenient remote access customized for your needs. Other advantages of professional security monitoring by Stealth Security include:

  • Protect Your Boats, RVs & Cabins
  • Customized To Fit Your Needs
  • Encourage Employee Honesty
  • Monitor Your Property 24/7
  • Convenient Remote Access
  • Get Help Right Away
  • Fewer False Alarms
  • Affordable

Top Of The Line Tech & Experience

Using the latest monitored security technology, including High Definition (HD) cameras and wireless cameras, our systems are designed for optimal camera placement. So, you can get the views you want. We will carefully design, install, and monitor, your security system for you or set it up so you can do the monitoring. Take advantage of our years of professional knowledge and experience and get the job done right.

Convenient Remote Monitoring

Protecting your what’s important to you is our top priority. The security monitoring services we provide will help deter breaking-ins, theft, and vandalism. Take advantage of all of the convenient options we have to monitor your property including remote monitoring with your smartphone and receiving security alerts via text messages.

Get Security Monitoring In Wisconson

At Stealth Optimum Security, we look forward to providing you with the best security monitoring services for your home or business. You don’t have to worry about you finding the time to install the cameras or alarm pads yourself, let alone trying to understand the technology that goes with it. We do everything for you. Call today to save you time and money on your Polk County, Burnett County, or Saint Croix County, Wisconsin area monitored security.