Free Text Messages

All Stealth Optimum Security cellular alarm packages include cellphone text messages on alarm. Cellular communication adds more security to the alarm system, alleviates the need for a telephone line, and allows for alarm system control using cellular technology.

Cellular Monitoring Service

Our cellular monitoring service plans are among the most feature packed and price competitive on the market. Cellular security alarm packages are pre-programmed and ready for installation with any service plan. Alternatively, Stealth Security can install your system for you. Stealth recommends this option for onsite training purposes. Call for complete installation pricing.

Technical Support

Technical support is available online and through customer service for customer installed packages. Visonic brand GSM plans INCLUDE cellphone alarm text notifications. Paradox brand GSM service plans INCLUDE cellphone alarm text notifications. Certain conditions apply.

Check For Cellular Coverage

Please check for cellular coverage at your alarm location. Most often, if coverage map indicates good coverage at your location, it is a good indication there is an adequate signal, however, this is not always the case. If T-mobile or AT&T are your service provider, and your cell phone has good or strong signal at the mounting location of the security panel, the GSM wireless dialer should have no problem. Stealth Security is not responsible for inadequate cellular signal at alarm location. Stealth Security will verify cellular signal at customer request and may charge a minimal fee for the check, depending on location.

Check Coverage Now

Two Year Warranty

Security systems installed by Stealth Optimum Security include a two-year warranty. Thank you for choosing Stealth Optimum Security!