Stealth Optimum Security commercial alarm systems can be designed to meet the needs of businesses ranging from the small retail shop to the large, multi-tenant office complex. Stealth Optimum Security has the experience and the products to deliver a complete system at a realistic cost and keep it performing for years. The detection of fire and intrusion is the beginning point for any commercial alarm system.

From Basic To Advanced Systems

A basic commercial alarm system can be expanded to include many advanced features which can provide major benefits to the business owner. The reporting of employee openings and closings of the business is a valuable management tool for owners. The failure of a business to open or close at the scheduled time can result in the immediate notification of the owner for appropriate action.

Further enhancements to a commercial system might include sophisticated electronic access control and closed-circuit television (CCTV). Modern access control systems give building managers the power to control many different areas on complex schedules for large numbers of people. Personnel transitions are easily managed with electronic keys which can be activated, deactivated, or re-configured in seconds.

CCTV Security Systems

Closed circuit television allows many areas to be viewed from a central location, or even remotely with modern data communication. The integration of these technologies with conventional alarm systems is an Stealth Optimum Security specialty.

Secure communication of alarm signals, even in the event of telephone line disruption, is now possible with Long Range Radio technology.

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